What to Track in the 2019 General Election

The 2019 elections may not be grabbing as many headlines as the 2018 midterms did, but a lot is riding on races for governor, attorney general, DA, sheriffs, or on battles for legislative control. This cheat sheet (briefly) unpacks some stakes, and has some links for more information. (You can always revisit the 2018 version, which was admittedly more imposing!)

You can follow me on Twitter (@Taniel). All notes here are my own and don’t represent an organization.

You can access the spreadsheet directly on Google Docs here: it’s easier to see it fullscreen there. I’ll add a printer-friendly, PDF version (similar to this 2018 edition), closer to Election Day.

Final notes: (1) Primaries already saw important results, for instance in Virginia. (2) A fair share of this sheet involves stakes for criminal justice reform. If this interests you: You can visit The Appeal: Political Report, of which I am the editor, which has an interactive tool of criminal justice hot spots on the 2019 ballot. You can also subscribe to my weekly newsletter on the local politics of criminal justice and mass incarceration. (3) Kentucky and Mississippi, epicenters of the 2019 elections, disenfranchise the highest share of U.S. citizens, so their elections are taking place under especially exclusionary conditions, even as disenfranchisement is an issue in nearly every state.

Come back for updates!